Products of Fukugao

Using carefully handpicked rice,
and water that springs from the local area,
a drop of bliss that contains the skill and spirit of the brewers.



Enjoy the smooth sip of Ikarashi-gawa sake made from the super
soft underground water of Ikarashi-river which flows through
the city of Sanjo, located in the center of Niigata Prefecture.

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大吟醸原酒 越後五十嵐川

Daiginjo Genshu Echigo Ikarashigawa

The Everest of sake, brewed with the finest ingredients and legendary craft. Enjoy the gliding smoothness and floral notes.1.8L / 720ml
大吟醸酒 越後五十嵐川

Daiginjo Echigo Ikarashigawa

In three words: the best daiginjo sake, brewed with local Koshitanrei rice grown in Sanjo. The refreshing notes and gliding smoothness are a delight with an approachable, lower alcohol content.1.8L / 720ml
吟醸酒 越後五十嵐川

Ginjo Echigo Ikarashigawa

Quality ginjo notes and crisp lightness are expansive in this clean-tasting ginjoshu, and agree with delicate Japanese cuisine.1.8L / 720ml / 300ml
特別純米酒 越後五十嵐川

Tokubetsu Junmai Echigo Ikarashigawa

The savor and richness of the rice come through in this tokubetsu junmai, which can be served cold or warm.1.8L / 720ml
特別本醸造酒 越後五十嵐川

Tokubetsu Honjozo Echigo Ikarashigawa

Balance is pursued in this special honjozo, offering both fullness and freshness.1.8L / 720ml / 300ml
[冬季限定]しぼりたて生原酒 特別本醸造 越後五十嵐川

[Winter only] Shiboritate Namagenshu Tokubetsu Honjozo Echigo Ikarashigawa

One can enjoy the refreshing taste and well-rounded aroma of a newly-made sake brewed in winter.1.8L / 720ml


Fukugao is composed of two Chinese characters “fuku (happy)” and “kao (face).”
As the name suggests,
one can not help but smile when experiencing the deliciousness of the Fukugao-brand sake.
Fukugao has been the registered brand name since the establishment of the brewery,
and our motto is to follow traditional methods while taking painstaking care in the
sake-making process.
We continue to devote our efforts in producing sake that will leave a lingering
impression in all who enjoy our brand.

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本醸造 福顔

Honjozo Fukugao

Fragrant of the well-balanced flavor of rice, the refreshing taste of Honjozo Fukugao leaves a lingering impression. Can also be enjoyed warm as kan-sake.1.8L / 720ml / 180ml
大辛口 福顔

Okarakuchi Fukugao

Like the cool, crisp winter air, this new sake is clear and dry, yet also has excellent fullness in flavor.1.8L / 720ml / 300ml
辛口 福顔

Karakuchi Fukugao

Refreshing and dry, this sake serves well with all types of dishes and you will find yourself asking for more. Include this futsu-shu(table sake) as your regular brand.1.8L / 720ml / 300ml / 180ml
純米吟醸酒 福顔

Junmai Ginjo Fukugao

Junmai ginjō sake that uses Niigata’s distinctive brewer’s rice, “koshitanrei.” The subtle sweetness and soft acidity become an exquisite harmony that pairs well with meat and Chinese dishes.1.8L / 720ml
超辛口 純米吟醸酒  福顔

Chokarakuchi Junmai Ginjo Fukugao

A super dry junmai ginjō sake that has been made as dry as possible. The brewer’s rice uses a new variety, “koshikagura.” The finished sake product contains a deep, fully developed flavor within the dryness. It pairs well with a wide variety of dishes, so it is recommended to drink at room temperature or chilled as an in-meal liquor.720ml


Echigo-heiya is made from Yamada-nishiki, a rice-brand
best suited for brewing sake produced in the Special
A-region of Hyogo prefecture.
The echigo-toji brewerscarefully attend to the well-polished rice throughout
the entire sake-making process. The rich and authentic
rice flavor that could only be captured by junmai-shu
offers the chance to recognize anew the delicious taste of rice.
At the same time, Echigo-heiya is a good complement to
any dish that is served.

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純米大吟醸酒 越後平野

Junmai Daiginjo Echigo Heiya

Yamadanishiki grown in Special District ‘A’ of Hyogo Prefecture supplies the noble sweetness and balanced aroma that teach us the splendor of sake.1.8L / 720ml
純米吟醸酒 越後平野

Junmai Ginjo Echigo Heiya

The floral ginjo notes and full flavor of Yamadanishiki grown in Special District ‘A’ of Hyogo Prefecture gently spread throughout the palate.1.8L / 720ml
純米酒 越後平野

Junmaishu Echigo Heiya

The tangy notes transform into soft savory taste in the mouth. The savor of the rice reveals the quintessence of genuine sake.1.8L / 720ml / 300ml


Koshitanrei rice, Niigata prefecture’s own brand of sakamai
(rice used in making sake) and harvested locally in Sanjo,
is used 100% in the making of Usuya,
together with thesuper soft water of the local river, Ikarashi-gawa.
Usuya is our prized sake, made solely from Sanjo’s rice and
water and hand-processed from bags using the drip-pressing method.

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純米大吟醸酒 宇寿屋

Junmai Daiginjo Usuya

This junmai daiginjo has warmth and delicate crispness only handcrafted sake can possess, made from local Koshitanrei rice grown in Sanjo.1.8L / 720ml
吟醸酒 宇寿屋

Ginjo Usuya

The result is the rich ginjo which brings out the fullness of rice flavor.1.8L / 720ml

Other Sake

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Sake stored in whisky casks.FUKUGAO

Japanese Sake that’s stored in whiskey barrels, as its name suggests, takes a rich aroma and deep flavor from the aged barrel. The combination of Japanese sake with the subtle hint of oak from the whiskey barrel brings together an unprecedented flavor to form a new sake, never tasted before. Take it chilled and straight or on the rocks, just like a whiskey. Recommended with Chocolate, nuts, cheese, smoked salmon, roast pork and ice cream.720ml

Sake stored in bourbon casks. FUKUGAO

Bourbon Whiskey is a whisky produced predominately in Kentucky, USA We store this Sake in the same barrels that were used to age bourbon whiskey. The combination of Japanese sake with the subtle hint of oak from the whiskey barrel brings together an unprecedented flavor to form a new flavorWith a slight essence of vanilla combined with the subtle hint of roasted coffee from the Bourbon barrel you will love this unique sake. 720ml

Sake stored in brandy casks. FUKUGAO

Brandy is a distilled liquor made from fruit wine. As the name suggests, we store this sake in the same French Oak barrels that were used to age brandy. French barrels called barriques are often used to age premium wines and are the most sought after and exclusive barrels available. This is Fukugao’s contemporary sake infused with a sweet and savory aroma from the brandy barrels. Take it chilled and straight or on the rocks.750ml

Le Lectier Sake

A blend of Le Lectier pear juice and extra-sweet junmaishu produces a clean sweetness without any added sugars. Niigata is a proud grower of Le Lectier pears.500ml

Rounded Junmaishu FUKUGAO SWEET

Mild sweetness and refreshing acidity define this junmaishu with low alcohol content. The palate is reminiscent of white wine, and makes the selection perfect for wine connoisseurs and first-time sake drinkers.500ml

Amakuchi-Sake Himawari

True to its name, “Himawari” (sunflower) leaves a refreshing impression with its fresh taste and flavor, its slight sweetness and subtle acidity.1.8L / 720ml / 300ml

Tokubetsu Honjozo Echigo Otako-Gassen

Echigo Otako-gassen is fermented under low-temperature and delicately hand-processed inside a snow-covered sake-storehouse. The design of the bottle label is the elaborate rokkaku-maki <hexagonal> kite, which requires 54 processes to build. To this day, festivals featuring the battle of the giant kites are held in Niigata’s Sanjo, Shirone and Mitsuke area.1.8L / 720ml

Echigo Tadaima Sanjo

Sake that drips out from the barrel are collected and immediately sealed in a bottle. The freshest raw sake possible, pressed, squeezed and bottle only during the midwinter season. Since raw sake continues to live on, it should be kept in the refrigerator and consumed at the earliest date possible.500ml


Select your preferred sake from this flavor matrix.

Matching Sake and Cuisine with Our Flavor Matrix

We have correlated our sake brands and matching cuisine according to the flavor matrix.
Floral Notes and Light Taste
  • Daiginjo Echigo Ikarashigawa
  • Junmai Daiginjo Usuya
  • Le Lectier Sake

White fish sashimi, Lightly boiled dishes, salt-grilled fish, Olives, Carpaccio, Wild vegetable tempura, Japanese ginger dressed with bonito flake, Baked leeks, Kneaded seaweed

Mature Aroma and Savory Taste
  • Junmai Daiginjo Echigo Heiya
  • Daiginjo Genshu Echigo Ikarashigawa
  • Junmai Ginjo Echigo Heiya
  • Junmai Koshu Fukugao
  • Junmaishu Echigo Heiya

Meat and Western dishes, Chinese cuisine, cheese, Broiled eel, fois gras, beef stew, baked potato with butter

Smooth, Clear Taste
  • Ginjo Echigo Ikarashigawa
  • Chokarakuchi Junmai Ginjo Fukugao
  • Tokubetsu Honjozo Echigo Ikarashigawa
  • Okarakuchi Fukugao
  • Karakuchi Fukugao
  • Honjozo-namachozoshu Koshino Yukiwariso, Fukugao

Sashimi, warmed tofu, stew pots, Grilled fish and chicken, milt with sour soy, sweet & sour white fish, sweet-soy burdock root, chrysanthemum greens dressed with wild sesame, taro stem vinaigrette, stewed osmund country style, daikon and carrot vinaigrette, seaweed soba noodles

Well-Rounded Aroma, Rich Taste
  • Tokubetsu Junmai Echigo Ikarashigawa
  • Rounded Junmaishu FUKUGAO SWEET
  • Honjozo Fukugao
  • Amakuchi-sake Himawari

Stewed dishes, pot stickers, white-sauce stew,fried chicken, tonkatsu (breaded & fried pork cutlet), deep-fried tofu with miso-meat sauce, simmered-in-sauce flatfish, lightly stewed shishito peppers, stewed daikon radish and bran-cake wheels, noppei soup

Deep Aroma & Distinctive Flavor
  • Sake stored in whisky casks. FUKUGAO
  • Sake stored in bourbon casks. FUKUGAO
  • Sake stored in brandy casks.FUKUGAO

Chocolate, nuts, cheese, smoked salmon, flamed roasted pork, ice cream