About Fukugao Sake Brewery

We want to make people happy through sake,
by creating a sake that gives the people that drink it “fukugao,
” meaning “a face of happiness.
” That is the ambition of FUKUGAO “SAKE” BREWERY.


Household Motto of Fukugao Sake Brewery

Household Motto of Fukugao Sake Brewery
Making people with happy faces from sake with a happy face.
Fortune lands at the doorstep where laughter rings.

Nihey Kobayashi, the first head of Fukugao Sake Brewery founded the business in 1897. He aspired to make people happy with sake, to make exceptional sake that could not help but make people smile. In short, making sake that makes the face express delight. The second-generation Shouji Kobayashi inherited the aspirations of the first Nihey Kobayashi as the household motto and fundamental spirit of sake brewing in the Kobayashi family, which have passed to the fifth-generation head today.


At the time of its founding, the store name was originally “Usuya,” and two brands, “Matsukaze” and “Fukugao,” were shipped, but “Fukugao” remains in the present day.

Ebisu, Symbol of Fukugao Sake Brewery

The founding Nihey Koyashi selected Ebisu, one of the Seven Gods of Fortune, as the symbol of Fukugao Sake Brewery.
An often-smiling face with a fond gaze is described in Japanese as an “Ebisu face,” a sign of happiness, and the symbol of somebody with the happy face or fukugao that our founder Nihey Kobayashi envisioned. Thus, Ebisu became the symbol of Fukugao Sake Brewery.
Legends recount that Ebisu is a child of Okuninushinomikoto, the great deity and original ruler of Japan. Ebisu is the god of fishing, commerce, and farming who brings fortunes of large catches, prosperous business, and bountiful grain harvests.
As the symbol of Fukugao Sake Brewery, Ebisu has adorned our vessels and bottles. The drink brings fortune and provides the most joyous moments in life. The sake of Fukugao makes everyone merry and have an Ebisu face.


Bottles and jars decorated with Lord Ebisu’s face: the “Fukugao” mark is a popular and well-loved symbol of FUKUGAO “SAKE” BREWERY.


In old documents, we also worked as a Niigata Bank agency, and since that time Ebisu has been used as a symbol of FUKUGAO “SAKE” BREWERY.