About Us

Established in 1897.
We continue to make our specialty sake
in Tsubamesanjō of the Niigata Prefecture,
on land that is blessed with rice and water.


About Us

Akira Kobayashi

The household motto and legacy of First-Generation Nihey Kobayashi, “Make great-tasting sake that places a happy face on the drinker, make sake that makes happy faces, and make people happy with sake,” have driven our passion for brewing sake. The Echigo brew masters and brewhouse craftsmen engage in genuine brewing with supreme technology. Some of our challenges barely break even in the endeavor to show the character of a small brewhouse. Success is sweet—we feel satisfied as brewers. With pride and our creed, we are committed to providing sake that delights our customers. Enjoy Fukugao Sake, whose flavors range the seasons and where handcrafted effort commands a discerning heritage.

Kobayashi Akira,
fifth-generation owner

Company Information

Address1-5-38 Hayashi cho Sanjo-city Niigata-Pre. Japan 955-0061
Phone number+81-256-33-0123
Fax number+81-256-33-4675
OwnerAkira Kobayashi
Establishmentin 1897
BrandFukugao, Ikarashigawa, Echigo Heiya, Usuya